Our History

PADS is the continuation of an unbroken family chain of concrete services on the Northshore since 1972.  At that time, Slidell was the smallest of dots on the map, Mandeville’s claim to fame was the location of the mental institution, and there was no I-12 to Hammond.

The old patriarch and founder of this business understood the core of business is people to people relationships.  Marvin was dedicated to his job, tried hard to make folks happy with his craft, but he was also kind of a prankster with a Cheshire grin and a quick wink to let you know when he was less than serious.  He just had a way of keeping things real and not letting the work take away all the fun. That spirit prevails to this day. Quality work is not to the detriment of sound relationships and enjoyment of the process. 

On the practical side, we really offer a seamless, easy to use service. Thanks for giving us an opportunity!


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