PADS Concrete

We are a highly reputable, state licensed, Louisiana based concrete contractor. PADS has been operating since 1990,  with its first generation family roots dating back to 1972.  Our reputation  is built on a stalwart ethic,  a higher road approach to workmanship , and a knowledgeable and accessible staff.   We are an organization of good humans, in simplest terms. 



Ethical, efficient, and professional, yet we have not lost the human touch. Simply put, we run a clean ship. Ask around, do your homework; you will find we have built the kind of company you'd like to do business with.


A family owned business. We keep our quality in house, not "subbing" out the heart of our operations to outsiders. My name is Mike and my family has been in continuous business operations in this community since 1972, now entering the 3rd generation.

RESIDENTIAL Concrete Contractor

PADS Concrete remains small enough to provide competitive residential services.  With our broad range of experience, we can make your small job seem effortless.

commercial Concrete Contractor


For you out of town contractors that need to get a job done quickly, on budget and with minimal hassle, we are your guys. Our company has a long list of satisfied customers that come back to use our service repeatedly. Job site superintendents find having us around particularly handy because we have the ability and contacts to help with some of the unforeseen hiccups that occur.


We believe in a kind universe.  Out of this rises our endeavor to build mutually beneficial relationships that will scale above the work we perform. We are building a legacy of fairness, quality, and kindness that our children and customers will remember long after we cease. 


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