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Pads is announcing its entry into the brand new field of electric vehicle charging point installation.  As a commercial contractor we can provide a turnkey service, from evaluation to installation to parking lot updates including striping and landscaping.

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PADS has a 30 year history of continuous business as a commercial contractor. We have been about the installation of various electrical, environmental, and plumbing appliances throughout the years. Along comes the electric vehicle industry and this now opens up a brand new path of service for our company.

Because of our long history of difficult installation processes, versatility is our strong suit. We can evaluate your existing conditions and help design an EV system to fit your setting, needs, and budget.

PADS reputation for customer service, reliability, job intelligence, and ease of use is industry standard. Our staff is battle tested and known to have the internal fortitude to simply do the right thing, to impress, and to build lasting relationships.

Charge Station Services

Home EV Charging Stations

Pads can install a new wall mounted station before the arrival of your new car. Ease and convenience are built into the system.

Multi Family EV Charging Stations

Pads can help you locate and make best use of standard level 2 charging with one or more dual pedestal mounts that make most efficient use of four designated parking spots.

Commercial EV Charge Stations​

Pads can install several options from level 2 charging systems to the Express 250 direct current fast charging system. These systems can be installed as fee based or as incentives or perks for employees or potential customers.

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